Your Container Options

Your team will also recommend the best type of container shipping for your goods:
Full Container Load (FCL)
• Shipments are loaded directly into a private steel shipping container.
• Quicker customs clearance.
• On-site load and unloading at your home (where allowed).
• Wood crating in countries with load restrictions or higher security risks.
Less Than Container Load (LCL)
• Smaller shipments that require only part of a shipping container.
• Shipments are placed into steel-banded wood crates, then loaded into a shared container by the shipping line.
• Shipments travel at the same time as FCL, but due to de-consolidation, may require an extra day for customs clearance. Groupage
• Ideal for shipments that are not time sensitive.
• More cost efficient since shipping costs are proportionately shared among all shippers.
• Longer transit times since shipments only move when shared containers going to your destination are filled.
• Note: Groupage is only available to high-volume destinations where each shipment’s customs clearance can be kept separate