On Moving Day

Once moving day arrives, you can expect your moving team to be punctual and professional. Upon arriving, your packing supervisor will:

  • Walk through your home with you to itemize the items that are to be packed and anything destined for storage or disposal.
  • Conduct a complete pre-packing damage inspection of each item for your records.
  • Ensure that all floors, walls, and any other vulnerable areas are suitably protected prior to the packing and moving process.
  • Make sure that each box is marked with a brief description of its contents and from what room it came. Please point out items of particular sentimental value to your packing supervisor; he will personally oversee the packing of these items.

Professional Packing
Your packing teams are trained above and beyond industry norms. We use best practices in wrapping, packaging and handling, with modern tools and techniques to meet the rigorous standards set by ISO 9001 certification.