Prepare Your Move

Planning is the key to a successful and smooth relocation. While every move is unique, nearly all domestic moves require items to be packed, stored, disposed, or left with your property. We recommend organizing your home’s inventory into these groups before any packing begins.
It is usually helpful to create designated areas for packing materials and for packed boxes. Keeping things organized helps facilitate the loading and moving processes. If you are already familiar with the layout of the property you’re moving into, consider the order of your packed items to help create a more organized manner of unloading and unpacking.

Important and valuable items such as jewelry, passports, cash, and personal documents should be carried with you to your new location. Keeping valuable items close and secure will provide you with greater peace of mind during the transition.
Should your move span more than one day, you’ll need to consider lodging for each night and those personal necessities you’ll need along the way.